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Bacon Olive Oil

Bacon Olive Oil

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Avoid the saturated fat and substitute this delectable extra virgin olive oil wherever you love bacon flavor! Add your guilt free beloved bacon taste to all of your favorite dishes, from breakfast to dinner. Great heart-healthy alternative! Add a little salt when cooking to enhance the flavor to new heights! No cute little piglets were harmed in the making of this oil.

Ways to use:

Excellent warmed and drizzled over a baby spinach salad
Drizzled over baked, roasted, or fried potatoes
Add to flavor steamed and sautéed vegetables
Fry eggs and omelets
Drizzle over your dog’s food for a healthy Shiny coat! A flavor your dog can’t resist!


EVOO Pairings:

Balsamic Pairings:
Maple Dark Balsamic Vinegar
White Honey Bourbon Balsamic Vinegar
Bourbon Balsamic Vinegar

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