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Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our Favolosa (Italian varietal) is a strong and robust California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It is a peppery olive oil with distinct aromas of freshly cut grass and a strong presence of tomato leaf. Although high in bitterness it is a very enjoyable and smooth extra virgin olive oil. It is great as a finishing oil over meat dishes or creamy dips. 

Milled from 100% California grown olives. 

Intensity: Robust

  • Intensity correlates to the amount of bitterness and/or pungency experienced when consuming an extra virgin olive oil. An olive oil with little bitterness that creates little to no sensation in the back of the throat is considered mild. A very bitter olive oil that causes a slight burning or spicy sensation in the mouth and throat is robust. We rate intensity between 5 values: Mild, Medium, Medium Robust, Robust and Extreme.

Polyphenols (mg/kg): 

  • Polyphenols are antioxidant micronutrients found in plant-based foods. The phenolic concentration in olive oil depends on variables like the variety, ripeness at harvest, extraction methods, etc. 

Acidity %: 0.20

  • Acidity is one of the quality parameters set by the IOC for extra virgin olive oil. By definition extra virgin olive oil must have a free fatty acid level below 0.8%. Acidity CANNOT be detected by sensory analysis. This value is always determined by a laboratory.

We cannot accept returns of any food items opened or unopened. If you are unsure of which oil or vinegar to purchase, please consider ordering a 60ml bottle to taste.

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