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Crafted Essentials by Meagan Meier

Crystal Essential Oil rollerballs

Crystal Essential Oil rollerballs

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Crystal Essential Oil Rollerballs ✨ 
Love - when you need love and joy, roll over your heart and wrists, deep breaths. 
Calm - when you need to chill tf out and calm down, roll on wrists and neck, deep breaths. 
Tummy - when your tummy is revolting or needs help, roll right on your tummy for relief. 
Focus - when you need clarity and focus, roll on wrists and neck.

Well - for daily support to keep you well, roll on spine and feet. 
Head - when the tension is too much, roll on back of neck, temples and across forehead. 
Brave - when you need a confidence boost, roll on wrists and neck. 
Thrive - when you need abundance in your life, roll on wrists and forearms. 
Seasons - when the seasons change and your body feels it, roll on jaw, temples and bridge of nose. 

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